Emotional Wellbeing Support

As a school we understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. To support the wellbeing of our children we use a range of support techniques. Carry on reading to find out more…

Name Description Individual /Group/ Class Available to
SAP Student Assistant Programme is where learners can share feelings, thoughts and concerns about their lives and to provide support whist they work through any difficulties that may impede their development, education and life chances. Group Yr5-6
Talk About Practical resources are used to help develop learner’s social skills in an effective and measureable way. Group Yr 3-6
Drawing & Talking is for learners who have suffered trauma or have emotional needs. They draw with a trained member of staff in a safe, comfortable environment, the adult will ask a number of non-intrusive questions about the drawing. The learner sets the pace and draws what they feel comfortable with. Individual Yr 3-6
ELSA we have 2 trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistants who provide emotional and social skills support to our learners through bespoke activities. Individual or group All
Unearthing is for individuals to see a different, more positive view of themselves, helping them to understand those around us better and think creatively. All this through painting and reflection, facilitated by a trained member of staff. Individual Yr 4-6
Mindfulness Exercises helps learners manage their stress more effectively and work through it more quickly. Individual /Group/ Class All
Fun Friends Program is to help learners with their social and emotional development, using fun, play-based group activities. It teaches them resilience early on. Group Yr 1-4
Building Self Esteem & Confidence Bespoke groups or 1:1 with a trained member of staff, which helps learners cope with mistakes and have belief in themselves that they can! Individual or group Yr 3-6
Lego Play is a social development programme for learners with social communication difficulties. It promotes fine motor skills, team work, creativity, problem solving, communication skills, persistence. Group of 3 Yr 1-6
Anger Management using “A volcano in my tummy” book to help learners understand and deal constructively with their anger and other emotions. Individual Yr 3-6
Bereavement & Loss are child-led activities e.g. crafts, painting, drawing, which give learners the opportunity to talk or have some quiet time. Individual or group Yr 1-6
Growth Mindset Through a range of activities learners are encouraged to take on challenges, reflect and learn from their mistakes. This increases their abilities and achievements. Class All
Blobs This resource is used to explore feelings, opening up discussions and developing understanding of emotions, empathy and self-awareness. Individual or group All
Hidden Chimp is a resource which helps learners understand and manage their emotions, thinking and behaviours. Individual Yr 1-6

This is not an exhaustive list of programmes or interventions. We strive to meet the needs of all our learners: well-being, academic and social needs through a range of changing, up-to-date, relevant programmes and interventions. If you would like any further clarification about what we offer our learners, please ask their class teacher or see Mrs. Davies