Learning Provision Offer

As a school we offer our children a range of things to support their learning. Carry on reading to find out more…

Name Description Individual /Group/ Class Available to
Catch Up Reading is a structured one to one intervention for learners who find reading difficult. Individual   Yrs 3-6
Read, Write, Inc Phonics A programme which teaches learners to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. Group All
Wellcomm is a toolkit designed to help staff identify learners who might be experiencing delays with speech and language. It provides staff and family  with ideas to improve communication skills. Individual and group Nursery – Year2
Precision Teaching is an individualised programme (reading, spelling, number recognition, number bonds) that focuses on frequency and fluency which is monitored closely. Individual   Year 1-6
SALT targets are carried out at least 3 times a week, to support and reinforce speech and language therapist recommendations. Individual   Learners with a speech therapist
Quality Differentiation is when a staff member does something which helps personalise learning e.g. providing sentence starters, asking extension questions. Class All
DCD Developing Co-ordination Difficulties is a range of activities that help the development of fine and gross motor skills e.g. balancing, eye co-ordinations, handwriting. Group Yr1-6
ELKLAN is a speech, language and communication resource which supports and helps meet the needs of learners with these difficulties. Group All
Visual Timetable Enables learners to understand what they are doing during the school day, it gives structure and can reduce anxiety levels. Individual or class All
Sensory breaks or ‘brain break.’ It is an appropriately timed break from a seated learning activity, so that the learner can gain sensory input needed for their bodies to stay alert, on task and focused. Individual All
IDL Literacy intervention is a speaking-computer based multi-sensory system which supports learners to increase their reading and spelling ages. Individual Yr1-6
Boost English are small, carefully targeted groups designed to provide extra, targeted support to learners who have not yet grasped or are not confident with the literacy focus of that week. Group Yr3-6
Boost Maths are small, carefully targeted groups designed to provide extra, targeted support to learners who have not yet grasped or are not confident with the numeracy focus of that week. Group Yr3-6
Guided Reading groups provide learners with the opportunity to develop as readers and discuss content / ideas within the group, with a member of staff available to support and scaffold. Group All
Active Learn is a personalised teaching and learning experience for our learners. It fuel learners’ curiosity by creating and customising stimulating, inspiring lessons with front-of-class digital resources and allow them to develop their independent learning skills through online homework with a range of hints, tips and learning aids. Class Yr1-6
TT Rockstars Is a fun, online programme to promote and develop times table knowledge. Class Yr1-6
Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that inspires learners to share their best work with adults at home, who have logged on. There are many creative tools to encourage learner engagement. Students express themselves, reflect on their learning and create a portfolio they’re proud to show others. It is also used to communicate with home. Class All

This is not an exhaustive list of programmes or interventions. We strive to meet the needs of all our learners: well-being, academic and social needs, through a range of changing, up-to-date, relevant programmes and interventions. If you would like any further clarification about what we offer our learners, please ask their class teacher or see Mrs. Davies