News: Wellbeing Week 2022

All classes have spent the first two weeks of the school year getting to know each other. In the first week the children completed several activities that have helped them to begin to create personalised One Page Profiles. These profiles will contain lots of information about what people like and admire about them, what’s important to them and how they can best be supported.

In the second wellbeing week all classes have focused on developing an understanding of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

More information about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing can be found here.

Active Wrexham – Keep Learning & Being Active

The children have had a visit from Rob at Active Wrexham. KS2 had the fantastic opportunity to learn a new ball game which is played by disabled people, called Boccia.

Foundation classes had a brilliant time completing obstacle courses and developing skills such as jumping and throwing.

Health Team – Keep Learning & Taking Notice.

The children also took part in sessions ran by the Health Team.

Community Day – Connect & Give

The children have enjoyed going out into the community to litter pick and plant bulbs. This provided them with the opportunity to connect with where they live as well as giving back to their community.

A big thanks to Nigel Williams for joining us and providing bulbs.

Pyjama Day – Giving and connecting

On Thursday everyone came in dressed in PJ’s to raise money for Children’s Hospital Pyjamas. Children and staff raised a fantastic £251.53! This equates to 83 pairs of pyjamas – enough to supply an entire hospice this Christmas!

KS2 came and visited Foundation classes. They partnered up to share stories with each other – what a great way to connect!

A huge thank you to everyone that helped make the Wellbeing weeks a success; children, staff, Active Wrexham, the Health Team, Lisa at Children’s Hospital pyjamas and Councillor Williams. You all made it possible!